How To Write Your Job Resume

When you apply for a new job, many companies will ask you to send in a resume. Do not be worried if you are asked for this, as a resume is just a way of you showing what previous work experience you have, what level of education you reached and what qualifications you have achieved.

Remember that this is a great way of showing how you are suited for the job and a resume is also probably the best way of creating a good first impression.

Show What Experience You Have – Write out the dates of where you were educated and to what standard. Then compile a list of what skills you have and also where you have worked and what was your job at each different place of employment – regard it as showing your work history.

List Your Job Skills – For this write a list in chronological order of what work experience and skills you have. As well as work place experience and skills also show your life and people skills. These can include any awards that you may have achieved, any out of work experience which may include volunteer work or helping out in your community.

Show Your Achievements – It is important to get across to any new prospective employer your achievements and accomplishments in life and work. Show how you have helped benefit previous companies that you have worked for and also try and show how that would also benfit your new employer.

Get Someone To Read What You Have Written – When you have finished your resume get a friend or relative to read it and sense check it. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and also make sure that it makes sense to them. Double check that the dates and qualifications match up and above all make sure that it portrays a positive impression of your previous work experience.

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