Apply For Airline Jobs

Airline jobs are much in demand with both full time and part workers looking for a career in the travel industry. Due to the sheer scale and complexity of running an airport there are many varied job opportunities available in the airline industry. As well as entry level jobs, there are also seasonal job openings with many skilled and unskilled jobs on offer.

Popular airline jobs include baggage handlers, ticket agents, cleaners, customer service representatives, reservation agents, pilots and security staff. If you search online you will find application forms to fill in for a wide variety of airline jobs due to the continued growth of the airline industry across North America. You would need previous experience to work as an airline mechanic or pilot but many of the companies have great in house training for many of the other vacancies.

It was estimated that last year nearly 1.8 million passengers travelled by air each day in the USA and it took a large and dedicated workforce to enable this to happen. Due to the many different skill levels and jobs available there is a wide spread of salaries within this industry. Typically, entry level manual work can earn minimum wage and some highly skilled employees can earn over $30 an hour.

A career as an airline flight attendant is a very popular job not just because of the salary that they earn but also because of the added perks of being to visit many different cities across not only America but also across the world on international flights. Job duties of an airline flight attendant include looking after passengers’ safety, serving them food and drink, making sure that they are in the correct seat and carrying out safety demonstrations. The rates of pay for an airline attendant can range between $14 to $25 an hour and on the bigger airlines experienced staff may earn anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 a year.

An airlines reservation agent may work in a call center and help customers book their flights. They will also answer questions relating to flight times, destinations and baggage allowance. Previous experience working in a call center and being computer literate are skills required for this job. Typically rates of pay vary from $12 to $25 an hour for this type of job.

Airline ticket agents help check passengers in when they arrive at the airport. They also weigh the passengers’ luggage and keep customers informed of flight times and which gate they will be boarding the airplane. The rate of pay for this type of career opportunity can range from $8 to $14 an hour.

You can also apply to work online for a job as an airline baggage and cargo handler as well as a career as an airport customer service representative.


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