Apply For Car Rental Jobs

It is estimated that over 190,000 people currently work in the car rental industry in the United States. This number is also steadily increasing and as a result there are many different car rental career opportunities available online. These vary from working in an inner-city location, at one of the many airports or even in a car rental location in a large hotel.

There are many different career opportunities ranging from sales, customer service, mechanics, car washers, accountants, payroll and human resources. Many of the roles involve working directly with the public and so good customer skills are essential for many of these jobs. There are entry level jobs earning around $9 an hour, sales associates can earn $17 an hour and some corporate jobs may pay up to $100,000 a year.

A rental service agent can be a part time or full time job and their job involves dealing directly with the public. You may have to answer phone calls as well as fill out the rental agreements when customers turn up to pick up their vehicle. Entry level employees with earn minimum wage and this will increase based on experience and bonuses earned.

There are also jobs available in car rental companies for service agents and they are responsible for keeping the rental cars clean and polished. They must also hoover out the interior of the car and make sure that it is clean and tidy for each new customer. This job may start off paying minimum wage and earnings can increase with length of time served and bonuses. This job may be part time, full time and also seasonal. You could also be required to work weekends and holidays as these are usually the busiest times for car rentals.

Car rental companies also have online job openings for automotive technicians. It is their responsibility to service and maintain the fleet of rental vehicles. Previous experience is essential and you must hold some form of qualification relevant to this type of job. Starting salaries are around about the $20 an hour range and may rise to $25 an hour based on experience.

You can apply online and fill out a rental car application form to get started working in this exciting and rewarding career.


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