Apply For Food Processing Jobs

You can search online and find a great selection of entry level job opportunities working in the food processing industry. You can apply by filling in an online food processing job application form for full time and part time jobs. Career opportunities include forklift drivers, truck drivers, maintenance workers, delivery drivers, warehouse staff, clerical and managerial roles.

There are many entry level jobs within the food processing industry and as well as full time and part time work, there are also seasonal job openings in the food processing industry during holiday periods. Due to the many different jobs within this industry you will find it is possible to get promoted and work your way up the various skill sets.

The three job subsets are usually delivery work, warehouse work and food preparation. The minimum age to work in the food industry is usually 18 years of age and if you are looking to drive a vehicle you must have a clean driving license. Rates of pay typically vary from between $9 to $20 an hour. Some employers may offer a bonus scheme and for upper level employees there may be the option of healthcare plans and 401 (k) retirement plans.

In the food processing industry, there are entry level jobs for production associates and for this role you would usually work in a factory or warehouse. Duties would include processing various types of food in bulk. There are also jobs operating the production lines where the processed food is packaged and labelled. The processed food is then boxed up and palletized ready for delivery to the customer. It is helpful to have had previous experience working in a warehouse but is not essential. Many food processing companies have training programs and food hygiene training awareness schemes in place.

Delivery drivers will then deliver the finished products either to central distribution warehouses or directly to customers’ premises. Often this job will involve multiple deliveries and a lot of paperwork to be signed. You must have a clean driving license, be fit and healthy and be prepared to work nights and in some cases weekends.

You can fill in an online food processing job application form and start a new career in the food industry.


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