Apply For Insurance Jobs

There are over 435,000 people working as insurance agents in the United States and this figure is expected to grow year on year as the American financial services industry grows from strength to strength. A strong economy, linked to a growth in the housing market has further fueled the growth of this industry leading to an increased demand for jobs. There has also been a growth in the medical and life insurance sectors as the popular continues to live longer. You can apply online and fill in an insurance job application form to start a career in this industry.

A job in the insurance industry can be varied and depends upon which sector you are employed in. You may be dealing with customers face to face and will have to explain each individual insurance policy to them. Record keeping will also play an important part of the job and you must have good computer and math skills. There are career opportunities for general insurance, business insurance, health insurance, life insurance and many other specialist areas. Recent estimates put the average salary of an insurance agent at around $48,000 but this figure can rise significantly with bonuses and time served.

When applying to work in the insurance industry you will need a high school diploma and many roles also need a college degree. Many firms have training schemes and also send staff away on training courses. Certain states also have laws in place where for certain jobs in the insurance industry you will need to hold state specific licenses.

An insurance agent may be self-employed and work as an independent agent or may be employed directly by an insurance company. Many agents have close personal contact with their customers and as a result it is important that you have good people skills to pursue a career in the insurance industry. As well as dealing with new policies you will also spend time getting customers to renew policies as they come up to expire.

An insurance underwriter is a more specialist job and as part of the job they have to undertake risk analysis to determine what rate a policy should cost. You can fill in an online insurance job application form and start a new career in the insurance industry.


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