Apply For Retail Jobs

There are currently estimated to be over 4.6 million people currently working in retail sales across America. With a strong economy, this number will continue to grow each year leading to a further job opportunities in retail. You can fill in a retail online job application and start a career in the retail sector. There are job openings for part time and full time entry level work and during the holiday periods there is also seasonal work available. The minimum age to work in the retail industry is usually 18 years old.

There are many different sectors with the retail industry and the largest is the fashion industry. There are also retail jobs in hardware stores, music stores, food stores, auto parts stores and many other different sectors. Average pay is around $11 an hour with low skilled entry workers on minimum pay. There is a constant demand for jobs in the retail industry throughout the year with surges in demand during holiday periods. Jobs within the retail industry include sales, cashiers, customer services, greeters, stock clerks, manager, assistant manager, cleaners.

A retail store manager will be responsible for the overall running of the retail store. They will be in charge of the staff and department managers will report to the store manager. They must ensure that customers are looked after, the store hits its sales targets and that it is run profitably. A retail store manager must ensure that there is adequate training in place for new staff and also for existing staff. The final decision on hiring and firing will also be the responsibility of the store manager. Previous experience is needed but some stores will promote assistant managers to manager. Rates of pay can vary greatly across the retail sector but it is estimated that on average they may earn $40,000 a year.

A sales associate in the retail industry will sell goods to customers when they come into the store. The sales associate will answer any questions that customers may have and also take payment for the goods. In some stores the sales associates will also help with restocking and sales displays. You can fill in a retail job application form and start a new career in the retail industry.

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