Apply For Technology Jobs

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace and cable companies have embraced this technology leading to a massive growth in this sector. Cable and technology companies now employ over 2 million people and if you want a career in the cable industry you can fill in an online technology job application form.

There are many different types of technology jobs in the cable industry ranging from customer service, cable installers, sales, maintenance workers, IT and many other clerical jobs. There are also career openings for field technicians who must possess mechanical as well as technological experience. There are also call centers that employ sales staff and customer service representatives. Entry level jobs are available and you will need at least a high school diploma and other jobs require a college degree.

Line installers are sometimes referred to as filed technicians and they lay underground the new cable lines that service private homes and businesses with the cable to run their computers or cable televisions. You will be dealing with customers face to face when connecting cables to homes or business premises and so should also be confident in dealing directly with people. Salaries can vary from $28,000 to $48,000 and may increase based on bonuses and time served.

Working in a call center is another type of job related to the cable and technology industry. Here you will make calls to try and get new customers, receive calls from existing customers and answer any questions relating to installations and billing. This can be an entry level job and may be full-time and part time. Wages start at around $11 an hour and can rise to $15 and there is also the potential to top this up further with bonuses.

You can fill in a cable job application form and start a new career in the technology industry.


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