Apply For Video Rental Jobs

If you like watching movies there could be no better career opportunity for you than working in a video store. You can apply online and fill in a video rental store job application form. Many video stores hire entry level employees and there are part time and full-time video store career opportunities available.

You will be dealing directly with the public when you rent out videos or video games and so you must be polite and have good people skills. You will also be handling money and taking payment for the rental and so must be proficient at counting and handling money. You need to be 16 years old or older to work in this industry and many video stores provide training to new staff.

You will be standing on your feet for long hours and so you should be physically fit to carry out this job. Most stores are open until late at night and are also open seven days a week and so you must be prepared to work long hours and do shift work.

A sales person will great customers as they enter the store and answer any questions that they may have about the video games or movies that they want to rent. They will also take payment and take the video off stock on the stores computer. When a video is returned, they must then add it back in stock and also show it on the computer as having been returned. Rates of pay will range from minimum wage to $10 an hour.

A video store manager will be in charge of running the store, supervising staff, hiring and firing staff, training staff and ensuring that the store meets all relevant health and safety standards. You can fill in a video store job application form and start a new career in the video industry.


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